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    Free Green Card Sponsor for Linux Admin with RHEL 5.7 to 7.4 by Cygnus Software Professional Inc
    Please provide following Information Along with Visa/DL Copies for submitting your resume Full Legal Name : Email : Phone No : Alternate Phone : Current Location : Relocation ( Yes/No ) : Skype ID : Bachelors Passed year and Branch and University ( Ex 2001 to 2003 ): Master Passed year and Branch and University : Linked : Visa and Validity : Entry Year USA with VISA : Passport number Must : SSN last 4 digits : Interview Available times ( 3 slots ) : How soon join project : Reason for Change? : How many years Total Experience in IT : How many years USA Experience : Expert Skills : Employer Name /Phone/Email : Let me know below 1. How many years of experience you have as a Linux admin? 2. Do you have experience Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 to 7.4 ? 3. Do you have any Applications C++ and .Net and Java back end? 4. How many years of experience you have in Configuration and Mapping? 5. Did you work on Application Variables and virtual machine? Thanks & Regards, Sandeep |Sr. Technical Recruiter T: 732 485 0000 x 9058 F: 866 888 6745 E: NJ SBE | E-Verify | PA SDB **Best way to reach me is through email**

    Skills: unix /linux /solaris, unix/linux systems,

    Free Green Card Sponsor for Automation Developer With Java by Cygnus Software Professional Inc
    6-8 years of relevant experience o Moderate to expert in JAVA Restful APIs o Experience in Github, Jenkins, Maven, and other CICD tools o Knowledge of front end technologies like HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, etc o Basic knowledge of DB applications like MySQL o Moderate to expert in Unix/Linux Share resumes Reach me on : 732 485 0000 x 9058

    Skills: java/j2ee, java tester,

    Free Green Card Sponsor for UI UX LEAD OR ARCHITECT by Cygnus Software Professional Inc
    Must have 10 Years experience with Lead OR Architect Experience AND Needed React Exp. Please share resume with Linked IN and Required Documents Reach me on T: 732 485 0000 x 9058

    Skills: web/ internet,

    Free Green Card Sponsor for UI UX LEAD OR ARCHITECT by Cygnus Software Professional Inc
    Must have 10 Years experience with Lead OR Architect Experience AND Needed React Exp. Please share resume with Linked IN and Required Documents Reach me on T: 732 485 0000 x 9058

    Skills: web/ internet, front end web developer,

    Free Green Card Sponsor for Sales-force developer by Softcom Systems, Inc.
    Focus at this point is someone knowledgeable in Salesforce Marketing Cloud to: Manage Data Extensions (maintenance and evolution of the architecture to meet business data needs) Configuration of journeys and automations Develop and Maintain marketing templates (email, text, in-app) Maintain and update marketing-specific dashboards in MC Ensure integration and interoperability between MC modules (content studio, email studio, mobile studio, audience studio, journey builder, etc.) In addition, if the person also has web application develop that would be a big plus. Maintain and enhance website and BioLife Mobile App Perform front-end code updates (HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS) Perform minor back-end code updates (Java Fluency with SQL to perform database queries and updates Familiarity with Ionic cross-platform development for iOS and Android apps

    Skills:, developer,

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What is this Green Card?

To become a natural U.S. citizen, foreigners must first become permanent residents that are green card holders. Now what is this Green Card? A Green Card holder is also permanent resident who is granted authorization to live and work in the US on permanent basis. As proof, a person is granted a resident card commonly called a "Green Card (GC) " which is permanent.

Some of the main advantages of Green card is that you are not tied to one job and you can change your job as you wish for a period of 6 months too without fear of deportation. In case of losing job, you need not leave the country whereas for H-1B visa holders they must get a job within 30 days. You can also start your own business and no renewal of visa is required every 2-3 years. No more USCIS red tape and no more annoying visa stamping anywhere. Generally other visas have a time limit after which you must leave the country but when you have a green card you need not worry about that.

Getting a green card is quite tough due to stringent requirements that is demands along with measures that are taken. When you think is this going to be worth the hassle of getting a green card then you need to take the right decision. If your aim is to get permanent residency in the US, then it will be worth it. On the other hand, if you only want to come to the US for a specific or a limited purpose, it is better to apply for temporary visa instead.

Have you been working for a living in the US for years on non-immigrant F1, OPT, CPT or H1B visa? Why don’t you apply for a Green Card immediately and get your own permanent resident status to work everywhere? You can work on GC jobs and reside with complete freedom all over the US. Every green card is generally valid for ten years from the issue date. With a GC, the user can apply and choose for any type of job in any industry across USA. To apply for green card, all you need is to hold a valid non-immigrant F1 or OPT/CPT or a H-1B visa status with an impeccable civil record. You will also be able to avail a lot of benefits when you hold a Green Card in the US. You can live and travel all over the US The only drawbacks are you can't vote for public election and can't stand for any office in the government.

A few tips to get green card jobs are:

  • Research for the employers and positions that you are interested in beforehand by attending mock interviews etc.
  • Speak to people already in the field and get fair knowledge as to what will be expected as a employee.
  • Knowing technical things is important but also practice to speak confidently about your skills, interests, and career goals.
  • You can search and apply for green card jobs on indeed, dice job portal as the portals boast of 1000's of new jobs which are posted everyday
  • Make use of linked which is a business focussed social networking site for getting job alerts and applying for jobs
  • Networking with fellow peers and knowing all the current trends in the industry
  • Last but not the least use Google or any similar search engine to find all the information you need about everything on the planet.

Now getting a green card job or getting GC employment is easy. You must have the right attitude to work and experience to stay in the industry. We have plenty of portals providing you the jobs and you can look at the list of the best Green Card Sponsoring companies which are managed by highly experienced professionals who hold an excellent record of accomplishment of successfully placing IT consultants in various projects. Some of these companies also handle projects for direct clients with high billing rates as well as for in-house projects. The user can also get help at every stage right from training to get you settled in the job. Getting Green Card employment requires thorough planning and a careful analysis. If you're not happy with how things are moving with your current employer or if you are worried how you will continue to work or live in the US after your educational degree gets over, then you can seek assistance from green card sponsoring companies to get green card jobs in USA.