Free H1 Transfer Sponsor for Tableau by VoxTech LLC
    We are looking for motivated OPT consultants to join VoxTech for free training and placement services.We committed to provide with training, and placement services free of cost, if you are interested please drop a note or call Venn@voxtechinc.comPhone: 302-289-5026

    Skills: business intelligence or reporting tools,

    Free H1 Transfer Sponsor for Informatica/Pentaho/SQL/UNIX by VoxTech LLC
    VoxTech in looking for bright OPT Students for Training and placement services.We are committed to provide free best training and marketing, and we do expect commitment from the Students too.if interested to discuss further mail me . or call Venkat @ 302-289-5026

    Skills: data warehousing/ etl,

    Free H1 Transfer Sponsor for pl sql dev by ssit solutions
    HI,ORACLE PL SQLHARTFORT,CTLong TermDOEJob Details: Must Have Skills (Top 3 technical skills only) * 1. Database 2. PL SQL 3. OPT ALSO WORKABLE-NEED PASSPORT NUMBER BUTTop 3 responsibilities you would expect the Subcon to shoulder and execute*:1. Client Facing2. Strong communication3. Analytical Skills

    Skills: programming languages,

    Free H1 Transfer Sponsor for Worksoft Test Analyst by Soais- Ardent ERP
    • Need a work soft Consultant with experience in 1 or 2 implementation and configuration of Work Soft.• Understand Test Requirements• Create Automation Test Scripts using Work soft Certify • Test Management Tool – ALM (Hands on experience)• Test Execution and Reporting• Co-ordination with Offshore Team

    Skills: none of the above skills,

    Free H1 Transfer Sponsor for Big Data Talend Developer by Aptino
    8+ years’ experience, 3+ in Big Data Engineering• 2+ years’ experience leading or managing teams in a fast paced environment • Solid background in the fundamentals of computer science, distributed systems, large scale data processing as well as a mastery of database designs and data warehousing • Strong development skills in Java or Scala • Expertise building massively scalable real time and/or batch distributed data processing solutions with modern technologies including Flink, Spark, Kafka, Hive, and Hadoop.• Practical experience managing AWS Cloud environments • Good understanding of a broad spectrum of NoSQL, traditional RDBMS, and analytical/columnar data stores including Postgres, Druid, Vertica, Redshift, Hadoop, Hive, Cassandra, Aerospike, and Redis • Ability to build systems that balance scale-ability, availability and latency • Advocate of continuous deployment and automation tools, monitoring, and self-healing systems that can help improve the lives of our engineers • A good communicator and team player who has a proven track record of building strong relationships with management, co-workers and customers • Great stakeholder communication skills • A desire to learn and grow, push yourself and your team, share lessons with others and provide constructive and continuous feedback, and receptive to feedback from others

    Skills: none of the above skills,

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Whenever you try to do the H1 Transfer these are the certain things that you must keep up in mind which are essential and must.

First thing is that you must look for the best options once you have decided on H1Transfer because you will be applying for many positions at various companies. Choose the best offer and finalize the best company which gives you the best break. You can cross check the financial credibility, offers, NASDAQ rating, CMM levels of rating and how they are faring in the stock market, projects that are running in the company, head count (which shows the number of people who are employed) in the company, and the number of years that they are in the market etc. this is done to make sure that you are in the right company before joining the same.

You can also check whether they have preferred vendors, or direct clients etc. Check how soon they can place you, train you, pay you. Think about joining them only if they do H1B Transfers. Try to speak with the boss of the company at least once as you can get clear picture of the company and offers what the company can provide without any hidden things.

One more important thing is that once you have decided on H1 Transfer, keep your decisions to yourself and not to tell others as there are chances that it gets leaked. It may cause you trouble later in the future and damage your chances of getting green card etc. if the employer is not happy with your conduct etc. Getting a h1B job is the most important in your career now.

Find the best job who gives the best offer with pay. Maintain your dignity and a clean conduct throughout.

Know these important aspects of H1 Transfer

H1 visa stamp is different from H1 visa as generally people get confused at times, H1 visa stamp is nothing but the authority to enter the USA while the H1 visa is the approved authority to work in USA under an employer

H1 transfer is an important aspect for any consultant as he changes his current employer to another employer where the new employer makes a new H1B petition without disturbing the h1b-cap which occurs every year.

Hence the new employer takes the responsibility of the payroll of the h1 transferred person which generally the consultants may think that problems will occur if they don’t inform to the current employer on the H1 Transfer which is not so. Every consultant has the right to do h1 transfer without informing the current employer who is going to give h1 sponsorship job and it is better do the transfer without mentioning it to them.

Once the consultant gets the new employer where he has transferred his H1 he can take his time to join the new employer on or before the LCA expires. A consultant can do H1 Transfer “n” number of times as there is no limitations for it. He can also apply for many companies on the h1 transfer, but can join only with one company alone at the end.

And the h1b transfer does not come under the cap of h1 filing happening every year, nor you must inform the USCIS on the same if you have the proof of prior approval of h1 letter. It is more than enough to do H1 Transfer to the new employer.